June 28, 2008

The Great Debate, Young Earth vs. Old Earth

At the request of an atheist named Stan, I am inviting everyone to watch and discuss this debate that we both have watched.

The debate is available on DVD and is titled: The GREAT DEBATE on Science and the Bible The Young Earth vs. Old Earth with Ken Ham, Jason Lisle, Hugh Ross, & Walt Kaiser

Answers in Genesis was nice enough to post the Debate in their media section of their website. To watch the debate CLICK HERE. Please respond with your comments.

June 27, 2008

God Fearing Atheists?

Are these people confused or secretly hiding something? From this article titled Religion survey's God-fearing atheists

I quote "21 percent of the people who say they are atheists but express a belief in God or universal spirit, more than half of those who say they are agnostic express a similar belief."

"More than 90 percent of Americans — including one in five people who say they are atheists — believe in God or a universal power, and more than half pray at least once a day, according to results of a poll released Monday that takes an in-depth look at Americans' religious beliefs." (America's faith deep, nuanced)

The movement of the religion of Secular Humanism is catching on but not to the extent as they would have you believe. I remember a time, back in the 90's, when the Gay community was claiming 10% of America as being gay when the real numbers were around 1-3%. Now 5% claim atheism and is being promoted, but 'in the closet' 1 out of 5 of that 5% are believing in God and some even praying! All the glory to God.

It also appears that atheists are the minority in saying that "In God We Trust" should be taken out in mandated exercises of civic expression.

The atheists here in California wrongly claim: "These phrases represent outdated and government-sanctioned bigotry."

Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals said it best "When a survey says that atheists believe in God it seems obvious that some don't know what an atheist is or who God is or don't much think about logical inconsistency. But we know that lots of people aren't good at taking surveys!

Or maybe some atheists don't believe in God but would like to if they could find a way.

The universality of religion and the quest for God seems to confirm that there is an unsatisfied desire for God in almost all of us. Just because some arrive at an official "no God" philosophical conclusion doesn't mean that the universal desire is satisfied by denial. So, we have 21 percent of atheists who believe and pray anyway."

June 24, 2008


Well I would love to discuss thing further with everyone but there is some pressing issues that have to be addressed. I have to make room for the new Marvin addition. So bear with me as I tend to my wife and new baby.

Look out world another, soon to be, Christian to preach the Gospel. This is an honor to help raise a Godly child for the Lord. This child here is on loan to Patty and I from God.

I forgot to add something that I found out. Does anyone know where the word cesarean came from? Roman law under Caesar decreed that all women who were so fated by childbirth must be cut open; hence, cesarean. Was this the birth (no pun) of the business of being born? The beautiful nature of birth has been interrupted by man for many years now. We are on an epidemic path to inducing births and intervening the very natural process of child birth. Why does man think they can do better then God can? Psalm 127:3 Lo, an inheritance of Jehovah are sons, A reward is the fruit of the womb.

Let me share with you what happened just Thursday June 19th. If we trusted man we would have had a baby then. We were being pressured by the doctors and nurses that the baby needed to come out because it was 'flat lined' they called it. Which means not much movement but a heart beat. Patty was crying saying the doctor (not ours) said that we had to get to the hospital. My conscience felt that everything was just fine. As a precaution we went to the Hospital and they started to get every tool ready, knives, forceps, incubator, etc. and Patty questioned the nurses and said she thought the doctor just wanted to monitor the baby. They first nurse said "nope the doctor (not the one that delivered our two boys) ordered the inducing of the baby and they needed to start a pit" (pitocin). We could of let them just deliver the baby since we found out that our doctor was flying to Africa later that night and she wouldn't be back for two weeks. She does great mission work out there. This is her in the picture with the children at the top. I(we) refused and said God didn't want the baby to be born yet. Then that curt nurse left and we found out she was filling in for our our nurse Rachel (Christian) who said the baby looked fine and movement was fine. Our Doctor, the one flying to Africa, came in and said the baby looked fine and if we wanted to go home then that would be fine. If we would of trusted mankind we would of had the baby born that day because they put real pressure on us with scare tactics to induce the birth. More money for the hospital or easier scheduling, I would imagine. We stood firm in our faith and the devil fled, we witnessed to many people at the hospital had some laughs and came home. The Baby was born naturally as God intended it to be Monday June 23rd at 11:07pm.

Bible Science: Why was circumcision to be carried out on the eighth day? (Genesis 17:12) Medical science has discovered that the eighth day is the only day in the entire life of the newborn that the blood clotting element prothrombin is at the highest levels.

June 23, 2008

Atheist religion

It seems a group of people in Philadelphia with the religion of 'secular humanism' is promoting there hatred towards God by buying a huge billboard with the price tag of $22,500. On the billboard is a beautiful sky with the question "Don't believe in God? You are not alone."

This fits right into my hypothesis that most atheists seek validation from like minded individuals, for their beliefs, instead of seeking truth.

To the atheist: Look I fully understand that truth always is confrontational, there is always someone on the wrong side of truth. This is a very serious and real subject for us all. If I didn't love you enough to tell you the truth, then I wouldn't. If I truly love you, as I do, then I can only keep pressing you to the point of understanding. It takes far more love to confront then to ignore the situation, perfect love is a constant confronter.

I would rather like to receive a slight nod from God then to seek the applause of the entire world. Atheists, on the other hand, seek the validating applause of like minded individuals as seen on this new attack on God.

They are NOT seeking TRUTH they are seeking VALIDATION. There is a huge difference.


June 22, 2008

A Fresh New Start

Well, since I am getting kicked out of every atheist blogging site I figured I would start combating them in my own yard. Actually I do have a couple of static posts as hermeneutics instructions for others to read but this will be the first time I have blogged on any level.

I will be testing out features, such as video comments, and explore many subjects. This should be very fun with a new start.

I will do my very best to find time to blog at a consistent level and most of these blog subjects will be my reply's to what I read at other blogs that I have been banned at. A new baby is arriving into the family and time will be divided but I will see how often I can do this.